Sunday, 29 October 2017

Derby Mini Maker Faire 2017 Photodump!

So travelled down to Derby yesterday to see the Mini Maker Faire... mainly becasue it is an ace proper maker faire and also the venue is closing for a couple of years for a large refurbishment project so its the last one for a while! Had a fabulous time and saw loads of amazing people and things!

So many cool robots in the place!

Me and the fabulous KonichiwaKitty... :)

Spencer... Mr RC2014, maker of extraordinary  retro computing kits!

Fascinating bit of machining this... a WWII bomb made by Qualcast ... yep thats right Qualcast the lawnmower company, this is one of the many objects being digitised into an archive of models at Derby Silk Mill museum.

 Singing TESLA COILS.... So utterly brilliant... working out how we can get  aload of these into a space in NWales!
 Derby Silk Mill makerspace has this MASSIVE cnc... it must be able to take 3 8x4 sheets... tis a beautiful monster!
Bristol Hackspace had this brilliant manual machine for drawing great images!

 Kids making supercool LED ghost badges!
 Pimoroni injection moulding mould for pirate coasters!
 Not sure anyone could spot Steve all day...
 My kids loved Jarkmans mahoosive controllable inflatable tentacle!
 Coretec robotics battles!
 Ben from Boldport exhausted at the end!
The astronauts caravan... wow... a weird spinny experience!

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