Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Uh oh, another project

It's always a mistake when I go round to the local bike co-op! BSA "Tour De France" frame chucked in as a freebie for buying some decent second hand bikes for the kids. It's too mountainous where I live for a hipster fixie build.....but I do have some nice light alloy wheels with a sturmey archer 3 hipster hub gear build it is!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Support your satellite builders

So I am a huge fan of the work Mr Ho Jun Song is carrying out building the first open source satellite and having seen his new timeline of the project the other day reminded me that I should donate a small amount. I was really pleased to receive this tweet from the man himself saying I was the first to doante by paypal...YAY...but also NOOOoo...come on everyone..I have been more entertained and informed and educated by the OSSI project than by the last film I saw at the donating a similar amount as a cinema ticket (or more!) seems to make sense to me.

Donate here and support this inspiring artist and his satellite.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Been a while!

Indeed it's been a while! I've been busy writing away for the jazz project and thats been keeping me busy between work and other committments. With the jazz project (that desperately needs a name!) we are at the point where we have 7 (and one in the pipeline) pieces written and ideas arranged and we have a good collection of other interesting tunes to form a couple of I am going to slightly take the pressure of the writing stuff. Anyway here is a very shonky demo sketch of one of the newer tunes (obviously when live these would be a lot longer with solo sections etc)

In other news...I did some breadboarding and even cracked the soldering iron out for the first time in months earlier on...I breadboarded a very crude voltage controlled filter and began to solder up a version..I plan to allocate some time back to more hacky/electronic/building stuff to balance up my creative fu so watch this space.

Just for evidence here's a photo of BLARP next to breadboard next to the early stages of the module soldered tonight!