Monday, 28 February 2011

New Track "Doktorus"

Been trying to redress the balance between building and recording as I'd like to release something this year! This track is a WIP that I'm quite pleased with so far..(needs remixing and I may re record some sections). All the synth type sounds are supplied by BLARP and the rest is me playing my Xaphoon pocket sax or my collection of cymbals and pans! Oh...and the name...I asked my three year old for one and thats what she said?!?

Doktorus ruffmix WIP by concretedog

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Blarp Cometh

Just a quick recording of a Blarp patch from today. Pure blarp, no effects or post production.

Blarp Cometh by concretedog

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Say it with solder

Happy Valentines day :)

Friday, 11 February 2011

BLARP finished

Below is a quickie video showing BLARP in all her glory. She's sporting a nice copper clad top panel with my logo etched on. In the end I had some issues around both the lack of space inside and deciding what to build in the last corner of her boards so I decided that a breadboard would be the most versatile option.

BLARP Finished from concretedog on Vimeo.

For the final time, for those into CMOS/Lunetta etc, the final contents are;

2 x 4015 giving 4 x 4 bit shift registers
1 x 4040 divider
1 x 40106 providing 6 x Oscs (these are pretty wide range and go from audio rates down to really low freq)
1x 4070 giving 4 x XOR
1x 4070 set up as an XOR chain
1 x 4093 giving 4 x Gateable oscs
3 x AREGVCA (Attack Release Envelope generator and Voltage controlled Amplifier)
1 x 4069 giving 2 x triangle LFO
1 x 4046 as VCO
1 x 4011 Pseudo ring modulator
1 x passive LP filter with LDR control
2 x 3 input passive mixer
4 input resistance mixer with diode summing
Power output rails
Small kludge area

Data Ferox released today, with concretedog track

Data Ferox, released today, is the latest offering from the amazing Warm Data. Featuring tracks from many of the Warm Data roster and also me! My track is entitled "Big Bad Wolf" and was made entirely with Nanoloop 2.2 on my Nintendo Gameboy advance SP.

Feel free to listen to it and the other warm data releases, and if you like you can always purchase :)Here's the link Data Ferox

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Etching stuff

Just a quick post. I've had a load of stuff for making/etching pcbs for ages now but decided that actually making pcb's for the scale of stuff I'm building is harder than just using stripboard. Anyway I decided I should still try etching so thought I'd etch my logo onto a panel I am making for the Blarp.