Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Photos of International Space Station pass

Been wanting to do this for a while and finally got my backside into gear last night to use my cheap old canon A470 camera hacked with chdk to do some long exposures capturing a lovely bright pass of the international space station. The pass was at 23.34-23.39 on 04.05.13. Please click the images to make them larger/fullscreen.

Here's the first shot ISO set at 10 and an exposure of around 16 seconds

Then here is the second a longer exposure of 32 seconds

And brilliantly before I took the above shots I was setting up and taking test shots when I noticed a satellite moving in the sky (was actually moving upwards in this picture and getting dimmer possibly due to slight cloud..but it's made it look like a meteor!) I quickly grabbed my phone and launched the excellent app satelliteAR and selected to veiw all possible visible objects from this I was able to deduce that what I was looking at was GenesisII which is a space habitat experiment launched in 2007. This was a 16 second exposure again with the iso set at 10.

All in all a great thing to do with a 15quid camera in your garden!!