Sunday, 6 April 2008

New Instrument..Circuit Bent Yamaha QY10

Hot from the presseshere is my latest creation a hacked QY10...first of all though I've goto come clean and say that most of the information I used to bend this came from the amazing Burnkit2600... a fantastic site everyone should spend some time at imho...

So..the picture shows...

1...The QY10 itself, its in its origainal case and sits atop a frame in the box to allow access to all the ins and outs..midi..phones..line out etc

2...12 point patch bay with connected to 12 pins of IC14 (the pins I used are; 27,36,46,29,39,43,31,44,32,41,45,40)

3...A little additional patchbay that is just 3 pairs of sockets each connected through a switch.. this means you can wire 2 or more points across to here and switch the effect/bend on and off.

4... A bend that I found that I liked but the pin involved caused crashes if connected to other points in the patchbay so I wired it standalone... the pins are 27 and 58.

5...This is straight from burnkit (THANKS GUYS) this is pin 14 connected to ground via a 100k potentiometer..this causes great detuning and sound swapping effects.

Thats it really..I rehoused it all in a wooden case with a lid and it remains very portable...I added a battery pack that sits outside the qy10 so that the batteries are readily accessable.

Anyhow here is a video just to show what this thing sounds like...this is all just messing about with the bends over 1 internal preset pattern...

Concretedog Circuit Bent QY10 from concretedog on Vimeo.

I'm going to do a set with this midi synched to my bent tr505 and the 505 triggering the visuals at Hendre Hall in N. Wales on the 26th April 08...I'll get some samples of my set up after this.