Sunday, 28 September 2008

Warm Data

Last night saw my good mate Jetsetjim launch his new netlabel Warm Data and to celebrate a night was held with all the Warm Data artists performing (myself included). My set was a 45 minute film I made with a live soundtrack played on some homemade electronic gubbins (excerpt to be posted when I get chance).

Warm Data has 2 Ep's as its first releases- Data Patterns Volume I and Volume II available now with more releases to follow in the coming months.

Featurng on Data Patterns Volume I is my tune Star 56 (see separate blog post) which is great to get something of mine properly released. You can find out more about Warm Data, the artists and releases here... Warm Data
(click different areas of the logo for different sections)
or jump straight in to preview and purchase here Warm Data Shop

Sunday, 7 September 2008

One of my Amdek PCK100's on Ebay

Indeed I am beginning to have a bit of a clearout! My first attempt at ebaying is one of my Amdek PCK100 percussion synths.

They're great, the one I am selling is completely unmodified but has a wide array of sounds and they are great for jamming and for inspiration. I'm selling it as I have another one that I did some modifications on and that one still does all the things this one does but more besides so this one is going to a new home.

I stuck a sample up for the auction on my zebox check it out if your interested.
Amdeck PCK100 mp3

And here's the auction

Saturday, 6 September 2008

droney murmurs

Been a while...been playing with a squarewave synth box I made a while ago based on a schematic from Nicholas Collins excellent book "Handmade Electronic Music". I made this track using just this synth and my zoom pfx9003 palmtop effects unit. BLACKBOX