Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Madness of Midi Sync

A crazy video that requires speakers or headphones as theres a bassline going all the way through that is to deep for my laptop speakers anyway...This is my first succesful attempt at a hacked together midi sync solution for my CMOS lunetta style noisemaking stuff. So whats happening is on my little eeepc701 is the mighty DAW Reaper and its sequencing a simple root n fifth bassline using an old VSTi I hacked together a long time ago. Reaper is also sending midi out to my Highly Liquid MSAR kit and one of the relay outputs is then connected between positive 9v on Blarp and the clock input on a shift register, the data input of this is hooked up to a fast oscilator and I am using the 1st step out of the shift register as my clock source for skippy....I did try taking a clock source straight from the midi relayed 9v but it seemed to freak out the clock on skippy..I think it might be something to do with debouncing the relay..anyway...It ain't pretty....but it works!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Album update, Radio thanks and Skippy Video

So first off many thanks if you are one of the people who have listened/downloaded/or even purchased my album this last are all amazing. Please remember to tell all about it if you can!

Last night the MIGHTY Adam Walton played the final track off the album "The Suns of Alm" on his BBC Radio Wales show last night...what a star...and what a show, I listened to it all from 10-1am and came away with about 5 things I need to seek out musically. This show will be on iplayer for the next week so if you want to check it out its here

The bit where he plays me is around 34mins20seconds....but I recommend you listen to it all, it was a grand show.

In other news I managed to get some time today to roughly hack "SKIPPY" my strange sequencer project into some semblance of shape! I've uploaded a shonky video (Take 2 as the first I uploaded decided to glitch out!)I waffle on about the sequencer for a bit so you might want to skip through it...then if its all too much...skip back to my album;) plug plug plug plug!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Coracle and the Yellow Shell is released

Here it is, to listen to, and if you like to download or of course for a donation of your choice ;) To download click the title of the album below and it will take you to the bandcamp page. If you download the whole album you get some PDF liner notes and some free artwork....and the beautiful knowledge that you have an inquisitive and explorative chance taking mind!

I'd love to here any opinions on it and if you can talk about this on or offline please do so I'd love as many people to hear it as possible. Its all licensed under a creative commons share alike so feel free to share and remix under the same license.

Massive thanks to Jim at Warmdata for all his work and support getting this together and out.

Hope you enjoy...I enjoyed making it.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Last meeting at warm data

Just finalising a few things before the big upload session and release tomorrow....aaaah the end is in sight.