Sunday, 19 February 2012

Album update, Radio thanks and Skippy Video

So first off many thanks if you are one of the people who have listened/downloaded/or even purchased my album this last are all amazing. Please remember to tell all about it if you can!

Last night the MIGHTY Adam Walton played the final track off the album "The Suns of Alm" on his BBC Radio Wales show last night...what a star...and what a show, I listened to it all from 10-1am and came away with about 5 things I need to seek out musically. This show will be on iplayer for the next week so if you want to check it out its here

The bit where he plays me is around 34mins20seconds....but I recommend you listen to it all, it was a grand show.

In other news I managed to get some time today to roughly hack "SKIPPY" my strange sequencer project into some semblance of shape! I've uploaded a shonky video (Take 2 as the first I uploaded decided to glitch out!)I waffle on about the sequencer for a bit so you might want to skip through it...then if its all too much...skip back to my album;) plug plug plug plug!


Anonymous said...

the vids audio disappears at 1min, is vimeo still encoding it or is it fucked? was looking forward the the sexy bits at 1.30!

concretedog said...

cheers for letting me know...weirdly it was a glitch in the recording..the original would play all the audio in winblows media but not VLC or vimeo...wierd, anyway reshot video in a different format!