Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Where next...? Chip n Trumpets.....

So ever since finishing the EP I guess I'm thinking "what next" and experimenting with different stuff.

So tonight the result of this seeking led me to this, a childs trumpet that sounds more like a nasty harmonica (with lots of weird overtones) and a gameboy running nanoloop 1.3 and a couple of my homebrew vst.....
<a href="http://concretedog.bandcamp.com/track/chip-n-trumpet">Chip n Trumpet by concretedog</a>

Monday, 23 March 2009

Trying out Nanoloop 1.3

I picked up a second hand copy of Nanoloop the excellent synth/sequencer cartridge for the Nintendo Gameboy and an old DMG 01 gameboy which have the best sound output. I was away for the weekend so took just my gameboy and my eee which made a fun portable setup. I'm slowly getting to grips with Nanoloop...it's not to complex I needed the manual to work out how to save patterns and sequence songs etc but once you've done these proccess it becomes pretty instinctive...I found I spent a lot of the time i had available experimenting to find sounds...there is an astonishing array of tones in this app..

I'm sure I'll use this to create something better than this.. but just for kicks here are my first and second attempts...both of which linger around the darker sonic side of nanoloop! These are just recorded straight into reaper and normalised with no other proccessing...

<a href="http://concretedog.bandcamp.com/track/nanoloop-1-3-2nd-attempt">Nanoloop 1.3 2nd attempt by concretedog</a>

<a href="http://concretedog.bandcamp.com/track/nanoloop-1-3-1st-attempt">Nanoloop 1.3 1st attempt by concretedog</a>

Monday, 2 March 2009

Until Forever EP released

Its here...my six track EP "Until Forever" is released on Warm Data today.

All the tracks are made from my homegrown/hacked/modded/circuitbent machines rescued from charity shops, bins, skips and car boot sales or some feature handbuilt electronic instruments. My labelboss describes it as a "Six track E.P of wonderfully wonky electronic soul music".

I've released videos for the first three tracks...here they are...

This opening track features a string type sound I love thats from a circuit bent yamaha pss6, the video is made by bouncing a laser pointer of a fragment of a cd stuck to a speaker driver thats having the audio track played through it.

Concretedog Bifurcation, Until Forever EP track1 from concretedog on Vimeo.

This track has a lot of circuit bent tr505 and a lot of my yamaha qy10 on it. The video is made entirely of jpegs of the display on a ciruit bent computer toy I hacked a couple of years ago...this video was an epic of editing as each image was placed on the timeline individually!

Concretedog Salient Otto, Until Forever EP track 2 from concretedog on Vimeo.

My labelboss at Warm Data decided he wanted to do a video to this track when he heard it...I love the results on this the title track for the EP.

Concretedog Until Forever, Until Forever EP track 3 from concretedog on Vimeo.

As for the other 3 tracks (and these) they are all available for preview (and purchase of course!) at the following places

Warm Data on Digital Tunes

Warm Data on Peoples Music Store

Hope you enjoy!