Sunday, 24 June 2007

Free VST plugin DoggedDelay

I made this ages ago with the wonderful Synthmaker an audio plugin development environment.

At the time it was just to help me learn how to skin simple modules (the delay itself is one of the basic components in synthmaker) but I seem to use this delay all the time. A couple of people have remarked that it looks quite nice as well so I though I'd stick it on here incase anyone wants it.

Just to show you what it looks like..

EDIT:::Sorry these pictures don't really do it justice..if you click on them and open them in a new window they are slightly better and on the effect itself they are crisp and clear and lovely imho.

but what do those buttons and knobs do...well if you click the gui label in the bottom left corner you get to see the legends for the this..

Click the x and they dissapear again..

So here's the link..again its a zip archive so you must unzip this to you VST directory

dogged delay

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Welcome and free circuit bent loops

Hello welcome to my shiny new blog. I plan to update this from time to time to let people know what I'm up to and to give stuff away that hopefully inspires a few people.

First up is a link to a collection of loops I've recorded from my circuit bent roland tr505

I bent this months ago and it was my first bending project proper..I'll get round to adding some good links for circuit bending at some point..

The loops are available in a zipped archive, there are 15 of them, I've trimmed them all and they are all the same original loop with different bends applied. The original loop was 90bpm but the timing may have slipped slightly due to the bends interfering with tempo every now and again! Anyway..feel free to use them in any project you like just don't sell them on cd on ebay as that will make me cross!

Here's the link