Friday, 26 August 2011

Raspberry Pi

Now I know I don't often do these type of posts, but I just read about this UK project via hackaday. Holy smokes its impressive, basically its a tiny computer featuring a 700mhz processor, 128 or 256 ram, wired network, sd, usb host, hdmi, analogue av out, audio out and more...hopefully available around november 2011 for $25 or $35. The Alpha boards in the video are oversized with the board they are going to release being about the size of a credit card. I've read around the site and other facts that appeal to me are it's low power requirement, they say it should run well from 4 AA batteries. I'm definately getting one/some to play with. Read more here.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Overclocking Jornada 720 (a bit!)

I did some posts ages ago about getting the mighty sunvox onto an old Jornada 720 (mine is 10years old and still rockin) and I have a couple of further things to report. One is to confirm that the latest and greatest Sunvox version 1.6.4 works fine on my Jornada. The other is that I have found an overclocking utility, originally designed to work with ipaqs running the strongarm processor, however this works on my Jornada. It will overclock from the original 206mhz up to 236mhz however I found that audio stops working at 236mhz It managed to run stably at 221mhz which provided noticeable improvements in sunvox tests with big sunvox projects....heck when your writing tunes on a 206mhz machine anything helps! You can also underclock if you want to conserve battery life etc. Here's the overclocking utility.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Work Space

New space building from concretedog on Vimeo.

Not the wildest of posts, but above is a brief dodgy video of the new attic space I've built that will serve as my new work space...since this video it is now filled with all my gubbins and I hope to spend a lot of time in it over the next few months to get some tracks worked up and also do some electronics builds.

Thinking about it it is probably the biggest hack/build I've done this year. :)