Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Coracle and the Yellow Shell is released

Here it is, to listen to, and if you like to download or of course for a donation of your choice ;) To download click the title of the album below and it will take you to the bandcamp page. If you download the whole album you get some PDF liner notes and some free artwork....and the beautiful knowledge that you have an inquisitive and explorative chance taking mind!

I'd love to here any opinions on it and if you can talk about this on or offline please do so I'd love as many people to hear it as possible. Its all licensed under a creative commons share alike so feel free to share and remix under the same license.

Massive thanks to Jim at Warmdata for all his work and support getting this together and out.

Hope you enjoy...I enjoyed making it.


Palm-Sounds said...

Just bought it and already enjoying it.

martin said...


concretedog said...

Thanks for listening and commenting glad you like it.