Friday, 11 February 2011

BLARP finished

Below is a quickie video showing BLARP in all her glory. She's sporting a nice copper clad top panel with my logo etched on. In the end I had some issues around both the lack of space inside and deciding what to build in the last corner of her boards so I decided that a breadboard would be the most versatile option.

BLARP Finished from concretedog on Vimeo.

For the final time, for those into CMOS/Lunetta etc, the final contents are;

2 x 4015 giving 4 x 4 bit shift registers
1 x 4040 divider
1 x 40106 providing 6 x Oscs (these are pretty wide range and go from audio rates down to really low freq)
1x 4070 giving 4 x XOR
1x 4070 set up as an XOR chain
1 x 4093 giving 4 x Gateable oscs
3 x AREGVCA (Attack Release Envelope generator and Voltage controlled Amplifier)
1 x 4069 giving 2 x triangle LFO
1 x 4046 as VCO
1 x 4011 Pseudo ring modulator
1 x passive LP filter with LDR control
2 x 3 input passive mixer
4 input resistance mixer with diode summing
Power output rails
Small kludge area

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warm data said...

so..any compositions from this bitch yet?