Saturday, 28 January 2017

Workshop Preparation and Rocket Motor mount prototyping

Been doing some prep for the upcoming Rocket Design workshop I'm facilitating at Madlab I wanted to replace some of the images I'd used of motor mount assemblies in a presentation as frankly the old images weren't that great/clear... however I've since put the motor mounts into rockets so had to make a new one! I had a spare estes 24mm motor mount assembly which I've knocked up as an example.

It's been a bit of a motor mount week though as I've also been exploring motor mounting for a high power reloadable rocket motor kit I've bought with which I hope to scratch build a level 1 UKRA certification qualifying rocket around. It is the smallest reloadable motor casing that has options for the H impulse motor power I would need to fly to qualify.

The motor kit is a Cesaroni 29mm 3 grain kit and so I've been tinkering prototyping some mount components, again it's really handy having the small CNC to really accurately cut the centring rings and even cut a hexagonal pocket for captive nuts.. I find a 1.5mm endmill is small enough to not leave a radius that interferes with the nut.

So below is the prototype motor mount for the cesaroni kit!.. definitely a step up in size! When I have fully dialed in my design for the level 1 certification rocket I'll essentialy be remaking this mount assembly but using better materials, ply instead of mdf and some phenolic tubing instead of a (surprisingly accurate to 29m ID) tube from some wrapping paper... and applying the epoxy in a much neater fashion!

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