Sunday, 22 January 2017

OzQube 1 Pocketqube chassis work

Regular readers (a very elite bunch!) will know that I have been involved for ages with Stuart the brains behind the OzQube-1 pocketqube satellite for a few years despite us being on opposite sides of the planet! I've finally today made a start on a chassis for him from a blank I accurately sized over xmas. Theres plenty left to do and these small 50mm chassis always throw up some interesting stuff/challenges. Pretty much all the PQ chassis I've been involved in or have made always seem to involve tiny brackets which are a pain to make, working on this and the discussions around it have led me to come up with a PQ60 compatible design which doesn't rely on brackets... it's very much on the drawing board phase at the moment but watch this space for my usual snail like progress!

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