Sunday, 22 November 2015

A little light prototyping

 Spent a bit of time today making this light prototype out of some MDF I CNC'd and some yellow LEDS (next revision will be white but I bought a 1000 cheap yellow LED's some years back so they get used first!). It was quite a challenge to solder so I'll tweak the CAD to make the pocket a bit larger to give me a bit more room to work in. I have a few ideas for different sizes of these... Firstly the internal diameter of this one matches the spindle currently on the CNC so I hope to have a snazzy spindle light that I'll probably attach with some small neomydium magnets in the back of the case. Another size I'll make for the manual mill spindle and I fancy making one that could fit to my DIY helping hand accessory for use in combination  with a lens. They also could make a nice light to mount on a camera to take macro shots.


Andy from Workshopshed said...

What voltage did you need for 8 LEDs? I was surprised by the white ones having a 3v drop.

jo hinchliffe said...

I decided to run the LED's at 5v supply with a 3v forward voltage and worked out the resistors accordingly...I tend to run about 25ma to standard LED's but it's always slightly adjusted by whatever the closest resistor is!