Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Quick make! Making boxes useful with a 3d printer!

Aaaaaages ago my dad gave me a huge box full of these small 'raaco' stacking boxes that had been chucked out of a business somewhere and had been given to him. I have used a few on my workbench loose and they make really useful project boxes for holding small parts as I am working on something, or I've used them to sort electronic components when doing batch assembly. They also stack well but they don't have lid and I don't have a case for them which limits their use a bit. I keep contemplating making a larger box for them to stack into but then I had this little idea to 3d print some lids with holes for some cord, I can now fasten and transport them whilst keeping every thing safely inside making them much more useful! Using a bit of cord and a drawstring toggle means that the lid can close different multiples of boxes.

Also whilst I am here.. someone got in touch the other week and asked to make a donation to me as he had been inspired by a post on here! That was very cool and humbling, so in case anyone else wants to buy me a coffee I've added a donate button to the blog! Feel free to use it!

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