Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Proud to have a rocket article in Hackspace magazine!

Rather wonderfully a couple of months this back the mighty Hackspace magazine visited Midland Rocketry Clubs "Midland Sky" event and flew a couple of their own model rockets and met and chatted with everyone there. They explained they wanted to run some rocketry features in an upcoming issue... And indeed the have in issue 12. It's not all rockets but there's a good chunk of rocket articles in there covering model rocket 101, interviews with the mighty thrust vectoring Joe Barnard/BPS space and also an article by yours truly! Based on a document I wrote up off the back of my rocket design workshops my article takes people through designing and simulating a rocket using the Openrocket software. Really pleased to be included and hope it helps bring a few new people to look at rocketry. You can download a free pdf of Hackspace magazine via the website but can also order a print copy which also can be found in all good magazine stockists! 


The Rocket N00b said...

That's awesome! Keep spreading the word.

concretedog said...

Cheers Noob... I'm so pleased the magazine made the effort to get involved with the UK Rocketry scene and perhaps make it a bit more viable and accessible for some new people.