Sunday, 1 April 2018

Very quick visit to the NEW DoEs Liverpool!

Was up in Liverpool today and some planets aligned and I managed to get a quick visit to the new DoEs liverpool building! Today was the day that all the kit from the old Gostins site was moved across so it was a brief nip round the unopened site to look at the space that was quickly filling with all the trappings of a maker and co-working space.

Here are a few pictures but the takeaway point are.. ITS BIG (much more room for lots of creative stuff and kit and co-working!) Its light.. Gorgeous big windows and lots of internal glass walls give it a really light and airy feel.... and its COOL.... there are lots of features of the original building left and it has some real character! Its a super, functional, accessible place and is going to be amazing.

It was utterly heartwarming to see the DoEs community in there working hard, full of laughter and team spirit... if you want to feel that warm glow also I can heartily
recommend chipping in on their fundraiser... >>>>>>> DONATE HERE!!!! <<<<<<<

Just one of the lovely rooms in the new building.

Loving the old cast iron (disconnected) remnants of the industrial 3 phase wiring. 

Fab old sign above the stairs!

Finally... as I walked off to where I was going next.. I noticed... its on Kempston St... I am hoping for some amazing retro joystick themed makes coming out fo the new place!!

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