Saturday, 31 March 2018

DARE Rocketry meets Libre Space Foundation!

So last week I went out to the second PocketQube satellite workshop to be held at the TU Delft campus (another picture dump post to be done about the workshop soon). Regular readers (a very select group!) might recall whilst I was out there last year I managed to go and pay a visit to the fabulous DARE rocketry group. Well this year instead of just rocking up I did a few emails and managed to get a visit to the facility arranged for a cohort of people at the workshop. This included my friends and co-conspirators from the Libre Space Foundation . A rather lovely moment occurred when the two respective teams decided it would be a nice idea to exchange mission patches and remove before flight tags. It was fabulous to be the small link that made this possible, but it is also inspiring as these two teams, DARE and LSF represent new and emergent ways in that, to my mind, space is being democratised. LSF have a total commitment to working in the open and out loud using opensource tools and licenses. The welcoming and collaborative approach undertaken by DARE, is evidenced not just by accommodating me but by helping fabulous amateur sub orbital rocketeers Copenhagen Sub-orbitals to test their recovery systems. Both these organisations seem to afford glimpses of a emergent space sector that is freed from military and defence and built more openly on the principles of collaboration.... Sounds good to me.

Masses of thanks/dank je to Jesse and Caspar for organising and hosting an excellent DARE tour.

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