Saturday 10 February 2018

22mm Diameter PCB project... NOW OPENSOURCE!

So I posted a while back about how I had used these 22mm pcb's I'd made in prototyping an ematch ignitor system for use in rocketry. Although I made these stackable boards so they would fit inside a popular size of Estes rocket body tube I'm aware that they are quite useful for lots of things. So i've open sourced them so anyone can get some made, or add improve or change them.

There are three boards,an Attiny85 board with some power LED and indicator LED, a SOT89 power supply board which could be built up with either a 3.3v or a 5v supply. Finally there is a "kludge" board which is useful for adding in some thru hole components into the system. Some quick pics here but in the files on Git each board is well documented in a pdf. All the dust components are 0805 so super accessible for hand SMD soldering. :)

Its REALLY easy to get these boards made using these files via the amazing OSHpark basically go over to my repository on Git and on the main repo page click the green download button on the right hand side as seen in this picture.
 When you have the files go to the Oshpark site and click the upload button and browse to the file for each board that ends .kicad_pcb. You'll get a render in your browser whcih should match the pictures in my documentation and then you click order and pay! You should currently be able to get a minimum order of 3 of each of these 3 boards for just less then £10 GBP :)


So I plan to build a small altimeter, maybe a small neo pixel payload for a night launch, I have a tiny OLED I want to play with with an ATTiny85 (not for a rocket!) and maybe some midi stuff.... What are you gonna make?!?! If you do use these please let me know... I would be thrilled to see them out in the wild!


Unknown said...

I would love to see an altimeter connected to a servo... that way I could release a parachute at a certain hight.

concretedog said...

Absolutely a mechanical deployment of recovery is a great project and on my list of stuff to look at one day!