Tuesday, 5 December 2017

INSPACE TWO 30/11/2017


So yes, last week INSPACE TWO happened, the second event I've organised as part of the INSPACE program and run as a North Wales Tech event with the support and venue of API pontio. This time the theme was earth observation using the open and available Copernicus data returned by the fleet of Sentinel satellites as well as some earth based data collection.

In truth I didn't personally have to do much on the night! I stuck together a quick introductory set of slides about the rationale behind picking this topic for the event and a brief overview of the Copernicus program and the Sentinel fleet. I then handed over to the fantastic Dr Jamie Williams and Anthony and Sebastian from the Aberystwyth based company Environment Systems. They very kindly then took the around 30 delegates through how to use the enterprise and free versions of their API allowing the participants to download data of various types (imaging/radar etc) and import it into the opensource QGIS environment. Massive thanks to the EnvSys team who were fantastic and worked the room well after some excellent presentations and got everyone going with their systems.

Huge thanks also go out to S2 recruitment who again kindly sponsored our pizzas which fuelled the workshop well and by the end of the 3 hours everyone had learnt a lot and managed to download and begin to play with some data... from space... :)

I spent the night floating around and chatting to people and heard a good spread of existing and emerging ideas for use cases for earth observation data both in commercial terms but also definitely spoke to some participants who had found new ideas they could utilise in their academic research.

So finally.. one more thank you to the Envsys team, to API pontio for the venue and equipment, to S2 again and a huge thank you to Carwyn from North Wales tech who puts in a huge amount of work all the time to make the NWT events program as rich and as varied as it is.

Stay tuned for details of INSPACE THREE!

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