Sunday, 26 June 2016

Liverpool Makefest 2016

So just a quick small picture dump after a great day volunteer Crewing at Liverpool MakeFest.. a great event in a great venue,  Liverpool Central Library,  with a good vibe and lots and lots of people! Perfect...

This pic is about 15mins after opening.. filling up nicely.. got lots more packed than this!

Nice crew badges (gagAAARGGH blogger still doesn't rotate images!)

Ragworm posse showing their wares..

Nice little activity showing where people were from... (a few more N Waleian tags appeared by the end of the day)

I bought some of these! AR pictures with a free AR game app.. the kids loved em! By the wonderful Midnight Polygon

Can't escape Darth...

 These guys are GREAT, they call themselves "we like to make stuff" and I've met them a few times now first time at Makers at MEX they have enthusiasm and humour and make anyone approaching their stall welcome .... proper makers. Spot on.

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