Friday, 10 June 2016

EMPQ Pocketqube engineering model

I've been working hard on an engineering model for Paul Kocyla for our EMdrive pocketqube project. It's been a good learning curve with lots of realisations for the next iteration! It has no skeletonising as we want it to be as rad hard and as RF dampened as possible. 

Underside showing the cutaways, currently the bolts are oversize and stacked with washers as I didn't quite have the correct size and the PQ baseplate will be mounted using the same holes.

Just a few in production photos.. marking out above and the blanks for the internal brackets

Lots of tapping of the M2 holes on the 6mm internal brackets, my home made tapping stand has earn't its keep! Likewise the little precision vice which is an excellent purchase.

Milling the 2mm wall square tube to size on my trusty Sieg sx2 plus. 

So.. off it goes in the post tomorrow to Germany. :)

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