Saturday, 9 April 2016

My 3d printer

So yes.. I bought a 3dprinter.. I've been reading about different models for years and weighing up the pro's and cons and then finally I decided that this Wanhao i3 v2 was for me. Mainly due to knowing someone who had one and also seeing that there was a lot of community built around them. 

I was out of the box and printing PLA within half an hour and I have to say that it's been a largely pain free experience. The only slight issue was the X axis was slightly misaligned on the Z axis lead screws.. it has twin lead screws either side for the z axis and it had obviously got a little skewed by vibrating an extra turn along the leadscrew on one side. 

So it's early days but as well as the rocket nosecone from the first picture I've printed a few bits.. like this case for the keychain camera I've used on model rockets.. means I shouldn't have to selotape directly to the camera next time!

And of course... it isn't truly a 3d printer till you have printed a modification on it for it! In this case some bed levelling thumbscrews with a press fitted m3 nut that are MUCH easier to adjust than the wingnuts that came with it.

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