Monday, 18 April 2016

More on the #VRhackspace

The mighty N_O_D_E are excited by the idea of the #VRhackspace and have made this great video above. We've also been pushing discussion on twitter (@concreted0g and @N_O_D_E ) with the hashtag #VRhackspace. People seem positive and want to see it happen... please join in the conversations.

I've also been playing with a google cardboard setup and an old cheap android phone, which is fun and gets the imagination firing as to what could be done. A great proof of concept I could use would be an app into which an STL file/model can be loaded and viewed (rotated etc) which multiple viewers could log into and talk. I'll (with pretty limited time in the next couple of months) try and tinker a way towards this as a side project.

If this really takes off and the community want to move forward I guess we'll need to work out ways  and platforms of collaboration.

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