Thursday, 2 July 2015

Quick project.. Milling table

So I bought a milling machine over a year ago and in my rush to get going plonked it on top of a rubbish wooden box in my shed and started using it. Recently I've done quite a bit with it and it was becoming to uncomfortable to work with as it was to low. I was given some scrappy Dexion which is a great steel angle section that's like grown ups mechano!

 I bought one of these cheap mitre saws "evo fury 3b" the carbide tipped blade makes short work of this steel.

A few nuts and bolts later and it's starting to look more table like..

The rusty metal got a gloopy lick of hammeright... came up quite well I thought..
In position with the mill fitted.. I knew I was going to fit the mill off centre, it's to allow clearance and travel for the mill table. It's much better to work at now in terms of height and comfort. I could do with a more solid shed though to attach it to to increase the rigidity!

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