Monday, 29 June 2015

Liverpool maker fest 2015

Had a trip up to Liverpool to check out the Liverpool Make Fest last Saturday.. was a great day out. Brilliant to catch up with lots of people and met many of my twitter tweeps. It was a fantastic venue in Liverpool Central Library and seemed to be extremely well put together with a really interesting and diverse selection of people and projects represented. Here is a random collection of photos from the day in no particular order!

Central library is such a great venue. There was a lovely moment where we stopped and had a sandwich and the kids pulled books of the shelves and had a read!

The mighty  Ben from Mearm and Phenoptix... really nice to meet for the first time irl.

Cannybots.. doing really well and attracting lots of attention.. we had fun attaching my sj4000 camera to the top of one whilst it raced!

Biglesp... a mighty raspberry pi warrior and lovely chap to boot.

clip together bugs were built courtesy of hac manchester table

Twas a busy day


Best lasercutter company and best lasercutter company name!

Diy lego underwater rov workshops

conductive dot to dot pcb minecraft mashup with the brilliant Rachel Raynes and Ben Nuttall

A new project Petduino from Circuitbeard..

Some fascinating companies... draw and code were showing their multi player multi tech aug reality gaming stuff.. V COOL!

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