Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Puch Project

I threw a load of work at the Puch Maxi project over the last couple of weeks and at one point I almost had it finished! I got the engine in and the wiring loom on and all the electrics working etc...unfortuneatly I seemed to have not quite tightened the magneto flywheel well enough and it caused me to shear the woodruff key keyway causing damage to both the flywheel and the crankshaft...B#$(#(cks! I added insult to injury as when removing the damaged flywheel I used a makeshift piston stop through the spark plug hole and despite being careful I've managed to gouge some scars into the piston and also chew some of the threads on the cylinder head (although this would be fine i think). So I've decided to take a break and put this on the backburner for a bit as the summer weather is awful I am less inclined to get it on the road this summer anyway! I think I'm going to do another rebuild of this engine with a new crankshaft...I always try and put better parts into things when I rebuild so I'm going to replace it with a race crankshaft (bigger big end, small end has bearing and cranks are lightened etc) and as I'm at it I think I'll buy a racier overbored cylinder kit as well!! The great guys I order from at Puchshop are on their summer break/holiday for a few weeks so I'll get to ordering the bits in a few weeks time! So for now enjoy the above images knowing that she actually sits in bits in my shed!!

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