Sunday, 24 June 2012

Writing New Tunes

I've just posted 3 new demo's to soundcloud of some tunes I've been writing. I'm motivated at the moment to do some live none electronic stuff (I'm not stopping my electronica/experimental stuff just having a change for a while!). I'm hoping to try and set up a trio or possibly quartet to go out and play some of this original stuff in a jazz mode....meaning short tunes/melodies/heads and then solo sections etc in an arrangement. I've been slowly getting my transcribing/notation chops together with some great help from a good friend who's been an informal (and unpaid) online tutor! (Ignore the massive mistakes and faux pas in the music in the image above...twas ruff jottings and I've learnt a lot since then!)

Anyway here are the demo's, I would welcome and appreciate any comments. If you click through to soundcloud each one has a bit more info.

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