Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jornada 720 online (finally)

Ages ago when I first picked up my beloved jornada 720 I looked into getting it online...the jornada came with an inbuilt dialup modem but had no built in wireless connection or bluetooth. I picked up a compatible PCMCIA wireless card from ebay. The card is a Cisco Aironet 340 and has the ability to throw data about at a mindblowing 11mbps! Anyway I realised as soon as I tried it that it couldn't cope with "modern" wifi encryption like WPA or I never really did any more. I came across this card at the back of a draw and thought I'd have a play as I realised if I set my HTC phone as a wifi hotspot it uses no encryption/security. It worked really fact all I did was turn the htc hotspot on and put the PCMCIA card in the slot and when I launched internet explorer on the jornada it had already connected!

Now I can't say I'm going to do extensive browsing on the jornada but it's very handy to be able to email stuff of the jornada to sunvox project files for example. Who knows I might get into retro wardriving mid nineties style!

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