Thursday, 8 December 2011

A piece of history

Couldn't resist this charity shop find yesterday a lovely wooden framed 150 in 1 electronics projects board in perfect order. A little bit of googling around shows this one dates from the year I was born 1976. It has the book of experiments/projects with it which includes lots of noise making/oscillator projects......maybe I can get an ep out of this beauty!


Draal said...

What a cool little box! 76' huh? I was 8 years old getting ready to be blown away by Star Wars a year later.

concretedog said...

Aaah I think star wars is to blame for my part Jawa tendencies to collect technological flotsam! Cheers for reading Draal, how's the writing going?

Draal said...

I'm about 30 pages in and the project has been put on hold until I get a kids's book idea done first. Not so many pages to do

My wife helped me "prioritize" my artistic endeavors LOL! A few friends also suggested I do a blog on some of the Ways of the Lunetta; my ways anyhow :).

But once I get a bit more meat on my script, I'll send ya what I have.