Sunday, 13 November 2011

A silly lathe chuck

I've just got back my mig welder which had been on a rather long term loan and once setup in my shed I wanted a little job to do to test it and my auto darkening mask (20 quid off ebay). So I made up this little chuck from a washer and some tiny mechano nuts. I have a job in mind in that eventually I'd like to  setup my dremel as a mini lathe and turn some tiny knobs to fit some trim pots I am going to use in a future synth build. Not the easiest job as the mig is not really the best bit of kit for this, brazing would have been much neater and easier...haven't got brazing gear though!


Jim Roberts said...

A drill press might hold up better than a Dremel. Especially if you come up with some sort of revolving center to mount on the presses' table.

I know your woe. Good lathes (like a <a href=">Jet wood athe</a> are $400 and up and cheap brands just aren't worth the money no matter how low the prices.

good luck,

concretedog said...

Cheers for looking Jim...I have to say this is one of those silly projects I spent an afternoon doing and then it sat on a shelf! Made me sort out my mig welder though! I agree and indeed am on the lookout for a drillpress and one day might have the cash to blow on a decent lathe.