Monday 11 March 2024

Launching StoRPer, the opensource, modular robot rover.


Last week was epic! I finally got around to launching the stoRPer robot both in terms of publishing the opensource repo and listing a first run of boards for sale on the Tindie shop. I'd procrastinated and stalled on getting it released as I'd imagined doing a higher end launch video and also having more functionality explored in the design at launch. I'm in a phase of "perfect is the enemy of done" at the moment so I decided to do a quicker "messydesk" style launch video (see above!) 

It had a brilliant response and all the original run sold out in around 6 days with orders going all over the world. It quickly got picked up by Toms Hardware with a nice write up and also was quickly spotted on the XDA developers platform. Closely these articles were followed by the Tindie Blog (which I write for so thanks to my colleague Alex picking up the StoRPer story there) and the mighty Hackaday. All this activity had pushed the original launch video to nearly 6K views which is fabulous. 

So all the first run are shipped and starting to reach their owners and I've ordered a second slightly larger fabrication run and, at time of writing, we have about 49 units on the official waiting list, if you want to add your email to the waiting list this means you'll get a notification when they come back in stock. 

For this week, I have been invited on Toms Hardware's "Pi Cast" number 168 on Tuesday evening (6pm GMT) to talk about StoRPer and I'm also working on a few new parts and ideas to expand the repository! 

Really pleased and excited to see what the wonderful community does with them!

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