Tuesday, 15 February 2022

EXO-S The EXperimental Opensource Swingwing Rocket Glider.


I uploaded this video about the EXO-S Swingwing Rocket glider I've been designing and making. I need to get some decent weather to try and fly this! I'm hoping for a first flight test with the aim to get a transition from vertical mode to horizontal and expecting it to not be the best glide phase! The CG and wing load are pretty good so it should glide a little but it probably needs to shed a little weight and also needs the wings carving into a better aerofoil. Once tested and refined I'll put up some more video and post some build instructions. If you are curious the balsa parts and the 3d print CAD are published on this repo. https://github.com/concretedog/EXO-S-mk1

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