Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Tool Tuesday - Bahco Hacksaw

The dedicated reader might have noticed that Tool Tuesday has been quieter of late. I decided that I would move from every Tuesday to a more relaxed every now and again approach, hopefully equating to around one Tool Tuesday a month. The idea being then I also do more blogging on personal projects.... well never say never!

Anyway today's Tool Tuesday is this excellent Bahco hacksaw. Whilst a great step up from a no brand cheap hacksaw, this Bahco sits firmly in the middle ground and is available for around £12-16. It's a very nice frame and handle, comfortable in hand and the blade tension bolt and handle are excellent. The black moulding on the far end works well for a guiding hand and some pressure application and as such it returns very accurate cuts. What really makes this hacksaw shine though in my humble opinion are the Bahco Sandflex Bi metal blades. I've yet to break one and they seem to last a very long time. Mine is due a new blade but I can't remember the last time I opened my spare blade pack to replace one which tells me all I need to know. 

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