Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Opening a Tindie Store


After years of being a Tindie customer and a recent period writing content for the Tindie product blog I decided it was high time I set up a Tindie store. I've opened the store with a couple of rocket related products but I plan to keep adding random bits and bobs to it as I develop small items. 

First of the two products on there are my rocketry screw switches,  I started making and using these a few years ago but now having a few flights under their belt I am confident in the design. They have copper on both sides to which are soldered wires and the wires only become a circuit when you tighten the switch bolt. They are small and robust and on the product page you can see some photo's of them in different configurations/use. I'm selling them in 2 packs so you can set up 2 separate redundant systems in your rocket. 

The second product people may recognise! It's my Centre of Gravity and Centre of Pressure stickers that I used to sell via the Flame Trench shop. Sold in packs of 10 (5 of each design) they are super handy to mark your rocket airframe and make it easy for you to show the CG CP positions to an RSO!

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