Monday, 4 January 2021

Round up of my stuff on Thingiverse


I realised I've never really blogged about my stuff on thingiverse. I tend to use thingiverse for smaller items with larger projects going on my gitlab but there's a growing random sprawl of little designs over on my thingiverse page so I thought I'd post about a few. 

First up is the latest project which is a small box for ER11 collets I use with my CNC router. Designed in FreeCAD the conic holes for the collets match the collet dimensions so that there's no rattling around. The lid is just a slip on cover as I don't tend to carry the collets around but I do want them to be protected from swarf and chips off the machine. 

Next up is a set of Mini Lathe Pinion gears this pair of gears sit above the tumblers on the mini lathe and select the direction and drive for the gearbox. I stripped one of my gears and whilst I could find lots of designs for the tumbler/change gear wheels I couldn't find a design to print these so there they are!

A while ago I wrote an article for Hackspace Magazine Issue 36 on "Functional 3d printing" where I looked at printing various useful little designs, I put most of the stuff from that article on my thingiverse including a small screwdriver handle to hold 4mm bits, some nice printable V blocks with clamps and various other small clamps and jigs and workholders. 

One project people seemed to like from a while ago on my thingiverse is a tiny vacuum former, I made it on my CNC router but the drawings could easily be laser cut as well, it's super cute but works well for small items in thin plastic using a small house vac. 

Finally there are a few other lasercut designs up on there. My first ever thingiverse project was this lasercut rocketry ruler which helps draw straight lines on tubes and also has a reminder about centre of pressure versus centre of gravity relationships on it! There's also a complex design for a lightweight indexing table and even a design for mounting fins on a flat pack workshop demonstration rocket!

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