Thursday, 14 May 2020

Record 74 Vice

Ages ago on twitter I noticed a friend of mine Tim asking about vice options and I was very pleased to be able to tell him of my love for Record vice's and the Record No 0 I've had for a long while and the Record Imp tiny vice I restored a while ago. We discussed various models and I sent him down the rabbit hole of the Record 74 swivel vice which is an excellent bit of kit that I didn't own, but shared my admiration of. 

A few weeks later Tim had found one near to him and had gone over and collected it and as it happened the seller had another. Tim was astonishingly kind and picked it up for me and sent it up to me as a thank you for helping him identify the vice he wanted. 

It's so very swish, a lovely bit of kit! I've been waiting to affix it to a workbench as I wanted to save it until a shed reshuffle had taken place, which is slowly happening with a new shed having been erected in the last month or so. The vice looks great and its a real advantage to be able to swing it around and also to be able to swing it out of the way if needed. It's been well restored and cleaned up with a new set of jaws made for it (as well as the originals) and looks fab. I might get rid of the red on the screw guard at some point as I don't think it originally would have been painted, but for now it can be admired and put to use!

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