Sunday, 7 July 2019

Hand drill restoration.

So this had been my "ten minutes here and there" project this last week. I've had this old hand cranked drill for years and its been neglected and was ripe for a clean up. 

It was essentially in good condition but a bit rusty and faded so a quick strip down and repaint was about all it needed. Removing the spindle and chuck was slightly challenging as the pinion gear was held on with a press fit pin through the shaft which needed drifting out with a fine pin punch.
Quick sand down and ready for paint, I did consider staining the handle but after a sand it was quite pitted and not the nicest grain so paint seemed a better option.
Bit of paint and not being to precious as its a tool to be used not so sit on the shelf! 
Refitting the pinion pin and I was reminded why I adapted my little arbour press ram to accept and hold 10mm diameter tooling, it means I could just about reach in to get the pin refitted.
And there it is.. all ready for another stack of years of abuse! 

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