Tuesday, 18 August 2015

It’s not Rocket Science…OzQube1 media round up

Someone made a comment on my tee shirt today which is great as it enables me to tell someone else about DIY space initiatives and Pocketqube satellites, as well as focusing in on Stuarts brilliant OzQube1 project. It also got me thinking that it ‘s been ages since I did a post about OzQube1 particularly as it’s got a LOT of media attention recently. Check out this timeline of coverage he has received in the last few months. I speak to Stuart via DM most days and his work rate is prolific and it’s great to be (relatively speaking) along for the ride. The challenges he faces in his project are varied from the very technical to the mechanical to the administrative and the interpersonal. However one of his challenges stands out… FUNDING.. if you would like to help fund the launch of OzQube1 feel free to donate to him via his gofundme page  http://www.gofundme.com/ozqube1 and keep up on other news and ways you can support him at his blog http://ozqube-1.blogspot.co.uk/ .... but for now relax and unwind and watch Stuarts recent appearance on Australia's channel 7 Today Tonight program...

June 2015 edition of SatMagazine – US based web and print magazine for commercial satellites. http://www.satmagazine.com/story.php?number=1481898241

17/6/15 – Page 2 of The West Australian (Main daily newspaper for Western Australia)

26/6/15 – ABC talkback radio in Tasmania! (No web link!)
June 2015 edition of SatMagazine – Mentioned in an article, but not specifically about Ozcube http://www.satmagazine.com/story.php?number=192493859

13/07/15 – Guest speaker/Presenter for the Monthly meeting of the Western Australian Astronomical Society

30/07/15 – TV Interview on Today Tonight ( Channel 7 - Western Australia)

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