Friday, 2 January 2015


So the above video is me having a Jam on a great new midi looper device called MidiThing... I'm lucky to be part of the team involved in trying to get this device out of prototype and into production and this video is me jamming with it controlling an MU5 sound module. Later in the video there's a clip of me playing with it with some very lovely hardware in Palmsounds top secret test lab :)

It's an excellent device that allows four bar midi loops to be captured and looped realtime with many features such as channel muting, channel delete, pattern A/B switching, various quantise modes etc etc.. The device itself is pretty simple and uses the input midi device to control.. so with, for example the MU5 in the video above the MU5 is acting as both midi controller and sound module and command module for the MidiThing.. More details will appear soon and we really hope we can work out a way to bring this amazing device to all the die hard Midi nauts looking to breathe new life and inspiration into their midi rigs.. Here's Ash from Palmsounds using it with some IOS apps

Feel free to comment and feedback and .. most importantly... spread the word!

MidiThing on Palm Sounds

Matrixsynth picking up on MidiThing


airmanchairman said...

Blimey! Is that a Casio CZ-101 I see before me?
Talk about a blast from the past; I LOVED that PD Synthesis baby (still have it somewhere) and never thought anyone still used it. Kudos, dude!

concretedog said...

It is indeed! Alas.. it isn't mine! They have such a great gritty digital sound.. It's on my want list!

Anonymous said...

Is this idea from Phil Tipping's Sequetron?