Thursday, 17 October 2013

Paul Granjon..a chance viewing

So today I ended up travelling from north wales to Cardiff and back to cover a colleague who was of work...despite a 6am start and long day after the meeting I was covering I had a great recollection that the mighty Paul Granjon (who I met at the machynlleth maker faire) had an exhibition on in cardiff...a quick google on my phone and a short walk later I found it and spent a great 1/2 hour interacting with his robots once again.

In a workshop space adjacent to the gallery space there was a 3d printer printing these great skull miniature plant pots! Nice...

Great fun to be had driving this robot via bluetooth..

So all I can say is if you're in Cardiff before the 27th of this month go check out Pauls robots...charming, beguiling, inspiring and great fun.

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