Friday, 1 February 2013

Matrix Mixers, made, sold and available(ish)

It's been a busy few weeks...I finished this week the first run of four Mini Matrix Mixers

As you can see they're finished in lovely splatterpaint and I think they've turned out really well. I have been talking about these mixers for a while and a few people expressed interest even before I announced the prices. In fact three of these four are already sold with 2 in the post and 1 to be hand delivered tomorrow (brilliant random coincidence of being in the same city for a day out as someone who wants to buy one!)

So there is one more available currently although I'm sure I'll be making some more soon. These Mini Matrix Mixers cost £30 plus postage and packing which is £3.65 if you're in the uk..if interested ping me an email to: concretehub(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk and we'll work it out.

On a related thread I also made up these 2 prototypes of my passive 4 - 1 mini mono mixers and despite a little trouble (I'd made a slight error on the layout) they've turned out really well, one has gone to a good buddy and I'm keeping the other one, but I plan to do a short run of these this week. They'll be £10 plus p and p so again ping me an email if you're interested.


dirch blewn said...

Thanks for the mixer, well chuffed. Keep up the builds on these I have posted on noiseguide forum, so you may get more interest.
Am looking forward to any new bits n bobs you have coming.

kind regards

mr bloor


mixer used on this track

concretedog said...

Awesome, glad you like it and that you're using it..very cool track. Thanks for advertising me elsewhere!