Monday, 10 September 2012

Inspired by electronics

So the other day I got to have a little play with this amazing DIY programmable sequencer built by a good friend of mine who's a damn talented hacker/creator/maker. The sequencer is called "Hextep" and has so much functionality I don't know where to start so instead I'll post the video!...

Brilliant isn't it! Seeing this in the flesh got me thinking about making some electronic music again as a side project from my current ongoing writing of instrumental stuff (I'll update on that soon). The thing that has finally tipped me over the edge into definately deciding to do some electronic stuff is this lovely post by Ashley elsdon about rediscovering my old ep. So I'll get to writing some stuff soon...(in fact with the wonderful Sunvox just releasing a new version it's kind of already started).

In other news I've decided that I am going to start collating the stuff about mopeds/puch stuff under a different blog and keep here more about music and electronics...will update when I get it off the ground.

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