Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Projects..and origami synths

So I'm making manouvers on my next projects post the album I am doing some building and also beginning to write some new stuff and try out different setups. My next ambition is to write some stuff that I can perform somewhat live, my plan being to lay down audio tracks but to have my cmos/diysynth stuff and some circuit bent stuff midi'd up that I can manipulate live....I've got lots of ideas and I'll post something as soon as something gets done!

As part of this next project I'll need more diy synth stuff as I will need to have different setups patched up at the same time as part of a single performance/piece ready to play different sections (I can't really repatch 100 tiny wires live just for the upcoming chorus/middle eight!) So I am back to building.

I've come up with this idea...I wanted my next lot of synth stuff to be really portable so I can take it out and about and play with it on location so to in order to make it as compact as possible my next synth will FOLD!

So the photo at the top of this post shows the synth in it's folded state and hopefully this next picture will explain what I mean by folding!

The modules attached in the corners aren't actually what I'll have, they are previous stuff I built and just attached to show the idea...I may even try another tier of stuff so that the folding boards fan out from the corners!

In other news the mighty Adam Walton was kind enough to play me again last night on BBC Radio Wales the iplayer of the show is available here for the next 7 days.

Finally you may notice I've had a bit of a sort out on this blog, placing some nice clicky images linking to my album and my previous ep. There's also a button for if you'd like to follow me on twitter.

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