Monday, 2 January 2012

Aah back to building!

So whilst I was working on the album (due for release soon - more details to come) I enforced a no build rule as it was the only way to get the thing done as building synthy music stuff is a hole into which to pour time! Anyway the ban is lifted so I am setting about a project. Above is a video of me explaining a prototype of part of this bonkers sequencer I'm trying to design and build from CD4013 Dual D type flip flop ic's. The video shows some of its main functions namely the ability for it to skip steps but also it will have a sort of matrixing of switches allowing high steps to be sent to different places and even the ability to run smaller sequences within the sequence like two 3 step sequencers running and recirculating within an 8 step sequencer.....its hard to explain! Heres a picture of the design of the switching matrix/logic layout if you're into that sort of thing!

I'll keep posting as things progress!

Happy New Year all also

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