Sunday, 23 January 2011

BLARP, half finished!

Sorry it's been a while, I've been continuing with the machine started in the last post. It's turning into a monster project and I'm getting limited time. The beastie has acquired the name "Blarp" and is shaping up well. I've gone for a sloping panel as a compromise between ergonomics whilst both standing and sitting and despite it getting pretty cramped inside it's still small enough to be pretty portable.

For those into cmos/lunetta (!) it already contains, 2 x 4015 shift registers, 6 x 40106 oscs, 4 x XOR gates, 1 Kludgey area, 2 x 3 channel passive mixer each with jack outs (Jacks to be mounted in a flat panel at the top of the console), 2 x AREGVCA as designed by Richarius, 2 x 4069 LFO ala scott gravenhorst (modded for 9v), 1 x 4040 divider (only 5 outputs/divisions utilised). Also since this picture was taken a week ago it also now contains, 1 x passive LP filter controlled via LDR, 4 x 4093 gated oscs, 1 x 4046 VCO, and a 4 input resistance summer/CV mixer.

Not 100% as to what the final modules are to be as yet, I may include another shift register, another VCO and I'd quite like some form of active filter in there...but then I'd like more AREG's...a Sequencer, more oscs...more logic gates, a pseudo ring mod.....the list is endless!


Anonymous said...

That looks pretty cool already, cant wait to have a go, the trimpots + ic sockets for patching is cool. My Junos now got 6 slots for fixing/adding new voice chips but i need a silly scope, have you got one? I'm always amazed at how you get the time to work all this stuff out


pulsewidth said...

That looks wild! And small as well. Is it hard to perform with the trimpots? Can't wait to hear it!

concretedog said...

Thanks for the comments fella's,

@ ow-bot.... sorry matey no oscilloscopes here...i just record stuff into audacity and zoom in if i need to see a waveform! We definitely need to get a jam when this is thing is built! Can't wait to have a play with the juno :)

@pulsewidth..thanks for the comment, performing with trimpots is a bit of an art to be honest! definitely not for the faint of heart or the visually impaired! I have a collection of 2" screwdrivers (for mending glasses etc) that I can leave stood in trimpots which makes things a bit easier......trimpots are cheap though, I reckon this build is under £20 componentwise.

Anonymous said...


concretedog said...

geeks...?!? HELL YES and proud :)

Anonymous said...

i meant greeks ! sorry