Sunday, 7 November 2010

Warm Data at The Absurd

So last night saw me and my Warm Data colleagues headed over to Theatre Clwyd to take part in the absurd festival. It was a great night and we were made really welcome and all of the Warm Data sets got a really positive reaction. Above is the photo of my setup (apols for the low quality phone cam shot). The miracle of yesterday was despite a long journey which involved some madman running into the back of my car at a junction my big board of modules and wires made it without one wire disconnecting...amazing.

In a break from tradition, here's one with my ugly mug in it, mid set, taken by Lungwah himself.

This was a pretty landmark gig for me as my setup was entirely handmade the only exception being my trusty old mixer. It felt good to have made everything I played.

Nice one and massive respect to Andy and Sophie for working sooo hard to get this festival together....can't wait for the next one :) If you can you should try and support their events, keep an eye out via the absurd

And finally a massive thank you if you are one of the people who came and asked about my set/rig etc, when people are enthusiastic and interested like that it makes the hours slaving over a soldering iron really really worthwhile.

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