Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Getting back into a bit of low end synth diy...I gave a friend the synth that I used to record "blackbox" (listen here) off my ep he was so pleased with it, it's inspired me to try and build some more stuff...I want to build not just a load of mixed oscillators but some kind of ghetto sequencer as well...no examples as yet but stay tuned!

Above is the synth I gave to my friend being put through it's paces much to other party guests amusement!

I'm building stuff using the popular CMOS range of logic chips using info from the following excellent pages....they're pretty easy to work with and give pleasing whirs, blips and glitches with minimum cost.





S'elektro said...

brilliant, some ace link there, ive been meaning to make a cheapo sequencer since i saw this about 2 years ago, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2FDL1JV_M0&feature=related

skip to 4.50 to see the sequencer. Im just tidying my life at the mo and gona get back into the the electronics asap now the museums finished! got a juno to fix! laters

concretedog said...

Nice sequencer that...I think thats a 40106 osc with a 4017 decade counter used for the sequencer which isn't in the links I posted.

THE MUSEUMS FINISHED! Well done sir...thats been a truly epic voyage.

Juno eh....tasty, might have to come and play when that sucka's fixed.